Museums and Difficult Heritage
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Helsinki City
Museums in and around Helsinki


Keynote Speakers

Marie-Paule Jungblut
Luxemburg City Museum, Luxembourg
How Historical Museums Negotiate a Difficult Cultural Heritage?
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Jan Löfström
University of Helsinki, Finland
Reparations for Historical Injustices – Implications for Museums when Dealing with the Issue of Difficult Heritage
Abstract | CV (pdf)


Paulo Abrão & Marcelo D. Torelly
Amnesty Commission, Brazilian Federal Republic Ministry of Justice, Brazil
Dictatorship Victims and Memorialization in Brazil: Concepts and Challenges in the Process of Building the Political Amnesty Memorial
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Margaret Anderson
History South Australia, Australia
Museums, Conflicted Memory and Remembrance in Contemporary Multicultural Societies
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Nina Archabal & Andrea Kajer
Minnesota Historical Society, USA
Minnesota’s Un-Civil War: U.S.-Dakota War of 1862
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Alexandra Bounia
University of the Aegean, Greece
Heritage and/in Conflict: Historical Museums in Cyprus
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Simone Erpel
German Historical Museum, Germany
Perpetrators on Display. Nazi dictatorship and WWII Perpetrators in Exhibitions.
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Susanna Eskola & Tiina Naukkarinen
The Finnish Museum of the Deaf, Finland
Deaf Heritage – Where Is the Difficulty?
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Pinja Haukkavaara
University of Helsinki, Finland
Watch out, Gypsies! – Can a Museum Exhibition Break down Prejudices?
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Kalle Kallio
The Finnish Labour Museum, Finland
Labour Heritage: Marginal and Mainstream
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Katerina Mavromichali
State Museum of Contemporary Art-Costakis Collection, Greece
National and Global Heritage: A Way Forward
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Bongani Ndhlovu
Iziko Museums, South Africa
Using the Past to Forge a Future: Challenges of Uniting a Nation against Skeletal Odds
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Tõnu Pedaru
Tallinn City Museum, Estonia
Exposing the Soviet Period – Just the Agitprop or Something More?
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Gennaro Postiglione & Michela Bassanelli
DPA-Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Difficult Heritage in Conflict Archaeological Landscape
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Marjo Poutanen
Vantaa City Museum, Finland
Rainbow Finland – A Colourful Exhibition Process
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Irene van Renselaar
Museum Rotterdam, Netherland
Difficulties in Contemporary Heritage Projects: Community Participation and (Re)Presentation of Contemporary Urban Culture.
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Esther Solomon
University of Ioannina, Greece
“Entangled” Archaeological Objects: A Debate on the Significance of Museum Practice
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Rainey Tisdale
Boston, USA
The American Revolution in Boston: A Blessing and a Curse
Abstract | CV (pdf)

Sally Yerkovich
Seton Hall University, USA
Reflecting Upon Hide/Seek
Abstract | CV (pdf)